Aristo Rinjuang

Software Engineer

Aristo Rinjuang

I was born on February 11th in Pontianak, Borneo. I got addicted to the science and engineering. I love playing music, watching movies, and travelling in my free time.

I started my career as a Web Developer in a Singapore web design and web development company, Closely Coded since I was in 7th semester of Universitas AMIKOM Yogyakarta. A Co-Founder and Software Architect of Aiyuung, an exclusive, high quality, and high-class website solution to a big company, institution, and even government especially in Borneo. I was a Senior Full Stack Developer of AIMSIS, Academic Information Management System in Schools, automated school's administrative tasks, while connecting parents with schools. Today, I'm a Full Stack Developer of SALT Indonesia, a leading digital transformation in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I write articles about the things I do. Most of them are about web technology and programming. They are short, clear, and simple. The goal is to give an understanding only from a single article. This website is fast and mobile-friendly. It runs no ads and sponsors. I would write more cool stuff, or maybe creating/contributing to free/open-source software. Buy me a glass of tea using Dogecoin.