What is Professional Website?

From the previous article, I already talked about the importance of the website and social media for companies. Hopefully, that article can help you. Now, it is about the professional website.

There is a fee that we need to spend more to get a professional website. The website can be said as professional website if they meet these features:


We were using Flash to show multimedia content and the JavaScript library, jQuery for animation. Today, we can use HTML5 to show multimedia content and CSS3 for animation. We don't need JavaScript to validate form anymore because HTML5 can do that on Front-End or Client-Side. So the website can be lightweight and fast.


The website is not just born for the desktop. Do not forget about tablet and smartphone users. The content needs to be capable in both tablet and smartphone. They have to be lightweight and fast. The responsive feature is useless if the website is so slow to load. Not at all mobile data providers have fast internet connection.

Cross Browsers

What is your favorite web browser? Google Chrome? Mozilla Firefox? Safari? Ya, the website needs to be capable of handling those web browsers. Don't forget Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge too. IE9, IE10, and IE11 are modern web browsers. It is called modern web browsers because they capable of handling HTML5 and CSS3.

High Resolution

We were using PNG for icons in the past. Then we use SVG. Today we use Fonts. Because some screen has high DPI / PPI and we need to adapt to them. For images, they need their retina version or 2x higher in size to get the best quality on retina devices.

SEO & SMO Optimized

People are always using the search engine to find anything they want. The content of the website needs to be in there. Not just search engine, the content needs to be shareable on some social media. When people share the link, it is attached with a good summary.

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