How Important Website and Social Media for Companies?

Today, people are browsing anything, anytime, and anywhere on their smartphone. They have social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Are your company already in there?

People are seeking for the information they want by using a search engine on their mobile web browsers. They check what's new on their social accounts daily. There is a lot of contents they get every day. Some contents are really what they need and some contents aren't necessary. Maybe you already know about this because this is what we do every day. Based on this story, how important website and social media? I guess you already know about this.

People can set up social accounts easily. But how about having a website? Companies need professional websites. Now, let's take a look at their websites. Are the websites looking professional? By looking them, are the content looking good on your devices? Can you get the content you want? Can you trust them? Okay, enough. If you still have a question in your head, we can say their websites are not professional.

No. Do not. Do not take a free website service. Do not take it for your company. For yourself or another stuff is okay, but not for your company. Especially, if your company run a business, please don't take it. It can ruin the business and your company can not be trusted enough.

Please don't just have one social account. Your company needs a lot of them. For example, your company can take a Facebook and Twitter account. If your company have video content, you can take a YouTube account. If you want to take it more professional, you can take a LinkedIn account.

A professional website is looking good to the user. The content is readable to human and machine. What does the machine mean? The machine is the search engine. The content can be indexed by the search engine. So the user can find your content easily. The content is shareable too. When the user is attracted to your content, they want to share your content. When they share, the link is attached with a good summary.