Perfect Image Content

I almost have no idea what title for this article. Here, I'm going to explain about how bad and good the image for content into your website then I'm going to give some tips to make it perfect.

Text and images are the part of the content of the website. But some people combine them. It makes the image include some text into it. Is it bad or good?

It is good for the meme.

It is good for the meme.

But how about for others?

Have you found any image from the slide, heading, illustration or thumbnail is similar to this one?

Example with text.

Now, here is the same but better.

Example without text.

Let me put text here!

Feel the difference? You can select the text. The text and the image are separated. It is better than combined. Why? Here are some reasons.

You should make it pure as the image without any text for illustration or thumbnail of your article or blog post because they are not necessary.

Example without text.

Here are my conclusions:

Have you got it? Make sure the size of the image is not larger than it should. Do not forget to compress the image!

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