What are Cookies?

When you visited websites, some of them asked you to allow their cookies. Remember this happened to you?

Then we just allowed them. What are cookies exactly? Here is my explanation.

A cookie is a piece of cake or biscuit. Haha, that's true. But that is not what I explained here. It is about cookies on the web browsers.

When you visited an eCommerce website, you took some items to your cart. Then you closed the tab or the web browser. You opened again that previous website and your items are still in your cart. It is because of cookies.

When you visited your favorite web apps, you allowed them to remember you. It makes you don't need to sign in every time you open them again. It is because of cookies.

Cookies can be generated by server-side and client-side. They are generated by JavaScript when in client-side. It is a piece of data to be stored in your web browser to remember your preference to make better user experience.

Cookies can be expired. You can disable or delete them. I recommend you to allow them. It is safe and useful.

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