What is eCommerce Website?

The answer is simple. eCommerce = Online Shop.

How do you sell your products? Retail Store? Social Media? Online Marketplace? Okay, we're going to explain this one by one.

What kind of your business? Are you a reseller or a seller of your products? They look the same, but not really.

Reseller or Seller

Reseller is a seller too. But the products they sell are from others. Seller, they have their products and they have a brand on it.

There is nothing wrong are you a reseller or seller. Because the goal is just the same, especially in commerce. We focus on this topic.

We need to grow up your business to get many customers as well as we can. How to do this? Simple, we just need to sell the products to the people who need it. How to make people find us? How to make people love us and our products?

Retail Store

Oh god, really. You need an extra budget to open a retail store. You need to put your retail store to the best location to make people can find it easily. You need some staff to handle it. Maybe, the result is not as we expected. The outcome is higher than the income. Today, people are going online. We need a store that can handle it. We need a store that can open 24 hours every day. We need a store which needs less staff to handle. We need a store that can manage our lovely customers. We need a store that runs on our tight budget. I think the retail store is not a good idea to start this business. The solution is an online store.

Social Media

Hahaha... Exactly, they are not born for this. I saw a lot of people using this way. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM, and maybe more. I understand that this way is less cost and easy. We just need to upload the photos of products, put some description, and contact. Tada... Then we hope our future customers can trust us. It is good to start using this way. But, you can't stay longer. You need to expand and grow.

Online Marketplace

There is a lot of online marketplaces. There are Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Elevania, and more from Indonesia. Online marketplaces are full of resellers. They are competitive. Of course, the customers will seek the nearest and cheap one. It's okay to start there then find your luck. But, it is not good to sell your exclusive products.

The Benefits of eCommerce Website

You need a budget to start the business of course. If you are serious with your business, especially you have products to sell, not as a reseller, I recommend you to have an eCommerce website. Because it is exclusive and looks professional.

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