I bought a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera for my vacation in Bali, Gili, and Lombok, Indonesia. It was a good start for me in photography.

Boats on the beach.
Bali, Indonesia.

Photo is a part of the content. It is about visualization. How good your photo represents how good your content too. Some people missed it.

Imagine that you have a blog and you wrote a story of your travel. You wanted to tell how good it is. You must put some photos there. But, sometimes they can't reach the feeling.

Taking photo is a skill that everyone must have. Even taking a good angle, there are some people still bad on it.

A boat on the sea.
Gili Islands, Indonesia.

I just made an Unsplash account and uploaded some photos. Thanks that my photos got approved recently. Feel free to download them here.

I shoot in RAW (unprocessed and uncompressed) to edit the photos later, and full manual to take control of shutter speed, aperture, ISO (sensitivity to light), and exposure. I rarely use the flash. I read the histogram to check the photo.

That is what I did when I take a photo. Some photos I posted on my Instagram account because Unsplash is limited. Well, it is not about the gear, and that is the basic technique of photography. There are controlling the light, shooting multiple photos at once, choosing the lens, and maybe many more in advance technique.

I love to make some jQuery stuff such as plugins or exclusively crafted for the gallery (slides or carousel), product list, and product details, in the web development. Maybe I will make some open source plugins or image compressor in the future. Lastly, I strongly recommend you to put the compressed one with a JPG extension.

Senggigi Beach, Lombok, Indonesia.
Senggigi Beach, Lombok, Indonesia.