Blockchain with Ethereum

December 2017, the cryptocurrency was going hype. Everybody knows about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. A lot of people started to invest and even mine the cryptocurrency such as the famous one, Bitcoin. I remembered that one of my friends become suddenly rich with millions of rupiah because investing in it.

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that using strong cryptography to secure its transactions. It is using decentralized control which is every activity is distributed in the group.

I was interested to build a blockchain app in the Ethereum platform. That might be interesting to gain more experiences.

I got introduced to Solidity, a new programming language to me to build a smart contract in Ethereum, Remix, the Solidity IDE (Integrated Development Environment), and also MetaMask, a secure identity vault for Ethereum.

The web app that I made is using JavaScript technologies such as NodeJS as well as with Solidity compiler, Next.js, Mocha, React, and React Semantic UI.

Blockchain technology is the solution to secure digital transactions. It is a chain of blocks, which is a list of records, they are linked using cryptography, and it is resistant to modify the data.

Today, the price of the cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more are not higher than in December 2017 anymore. Some people already stopped to invest and mine. But, blockchain technology is always awesome, and it is worth to learn.