This article is for Web Developer, Software Engineer, or anyone who is interested in Front-End or HTML/CSS development.

Aribase.css is a CSS file that helps you to build your typography for modern web browsers.

To make the default CSS properties of HTML tags as your typography just for modern web browsers that support HTML5 and CSS3. To make them consistent, no bug, and no overwriting.

The Problem

Since we got a lot of website projects, we know that we need to make our works faster. We are seeking for available frameworks out there. Such as Reset.css, Normalize.css, Blueprint, PureCSS, Bootstrap, Foundation, and more.

However, they are not fit for our website projects. We still need to add more code to the CSS file. We overwrite the framework to implement the design from our designers.

Every website project we got is always different in typography. Reset.css or Normalize.css isn't enough. We still need a framework for our typography. Some frameworks have too many classes and styles for our website projects. They are so heavy to load.

We need a single CSS file which contains reset and typography. Lightweight and fit for every single website project we get. What we need is Aribase.css.

User Experience

Aribase.css was born when a lot of developers still care about old browsers, such as IE8. Some developers didn't care about using HTML5 and CSS3 because they are new. Opera wasn't using WebKit like today.

Aribase.css is different than any framework. Aribase.css is looking to the future. Aribase.css is cross browser tested but not for old browsers. Why?

We have a favorite web browser. It is automatically updated. Mine is Google Chrome and v52 today. It happens to us all. There is no need compatibility for old versions, such as v50, v47, etc. Right? Because we always demand the updated one.

If you are using Windows and it comes with IE8 such as example. I believe you must download another web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. But today is an era of Windows 10 and it comes with Microsoft Edge. By the way, the compatibility of Aribase.css is good for Microsoft Edge, IE11, IE10, and IE9.

Less compatibility for old browsers. It makes Aribase.css is so compact or lightweight. It focuses on what we need.


  1. Download the latest one!
  2. Update some HTML tags with your CSS properties!
  3. Test your typography!
  4. Minimize!

Then you just need to style other stuff such as website layout.



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