I do not recommend for 100/100 of PageSpeed.

PageSpeed is about how optimized your website for speed. It is about how much time to load your site, and how much score you need to optimize it.

A website is about content. Your website is well designed to bring the best experience to the user. But, that would be bad when a user needs a long time to load it right?

Make sure that your website fast is very important. There is a lot of tools out there could help you. The famous one is Google PageSpeed Insights.

There is information about Page Stats and Optimization Suggestions. You can follow those recommendation. Those could help.

Here are my recommendations that may be out of those:

If you do all of them, you will get 99/100 score of optimization. The only one that didn't allow you to get a perfect score is Google Analytics. That's okay. Your website is fast already. No need to hack it. A lot of Google pages are also not optimized well enough.

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