Responsive, Useful or Useless?

The responsive feature is an ability to adapt to any size of the screen. A website or web application should look good on the desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

As an owner, designer, or developer, we believe that the responsive feature is the most important feature. This feature is required in today and to the future.

We are here to focus on explaining about the goal of the responsive feature. Content is like water. The responsive feature should able to send the content to any devices.

How about the content of the website is so complex or the web application is so interactive to the user, could the responsive feature able to face it? In this kind of situation, our question is this responsive feature useful or useless?

Not at all mobile data have fast internet connection. We need to understand this rule for smartphone even tablet. Mobile screen size is smaller than desktops. It makes the user could have less interactivity in mobile.

Here are my points about this:

The desktop still brings the best user experience ever. But today, people access anything, anytime, and anywhere on their mobile devices. We need to adapt to it. Make it simple and fast. It will bring good user experience to both desktop and mobile devices.

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