Converting WordPress to Pimcore

When it comes to a blog project, most people decide to choose WordPress. It is open-source, easy to use, easy to develop, well documented, and has a lot of community. But when it comes to corporate, they suggest you build it from scratch because of security issues of open-source software mostly.

That is a tough choice for the people who are quite familiar with WordPress. That would be complicated. Maybe some MVC (Model View Controller) frameworks such as Laravel, Django, ASP.NET Core, and related frameworks can help. But it is still complicated because you need to build the admin panel. If you are in the PHP community, Pimcore is the best option. It is an MVC framework, has an admin panel, easy to develop, and also good enough if you want to build a blog from scratch.

In WP (WordPress), the main parts of content or data are consist of Posts and Taxonomies. Pages of WP are posts with custom post type "page". Categories and Tags of WP are taxonomies. Here are some points of converting WordPress to Pimcore:

Converting WordPress to Pimcore is easy and simple. If you want to migrate the existing WordPress site to Pimcore, you can make your own importer for Pimcore. WP can export data to XML, CSV, or JSON. There are many ways and plugins for that. Then how it gets imported to Pimcore is up to you. It could be on CLI command, event listener on assets, and many ways. I believe that isn't difficult.

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