Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

I just finished the course about Data Science and Machine Learning in Udemy from Pierian Data.

It is a great course overall. The theory and exercises are well explained. It leads us to step by step from beginner to intermediate.

In the Python programming language, here are the tools that I learned in this course:

  1. Jupyter Notebook
  2. NumPy
  3. Pandas
  4. Matplotlib
  5. Seaborn
  6. Plotly
  7. Cufflinks
  8. SciKit Learn
  9. Spark
  10. AWS EC2
  11. TensorFlow
  12. SciPy

Here are the Machine Learning algorithms I learned in this course:

  1. Linear Regression
  2. Logistic Regression
  3. K Nearest Neighbors
  4. Decision Trees
  5. Random Forests
  6. Support Vector Machines
  7. K Means

I also learn about Principal Component Analysis, Recommender Systems, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and Neural Network.

There is still much more in this course that I didn't mention here. I just graduated from this course. I don't learn by remembering the things, but I learn by using it in the real world cases.


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